Three tips to help you prepare the right way for your driving test in UK

Over the years, road quality has improved, driving regulations have been perfected and vehicles are well-equipped with state of the art safety and navigation features; making driving a much simpler task than years gone by. All of these aid in the process of driving, however, passing your driving test takes a lot of dedication and practice. Even the most safety-conscious drivers can still fall short come test day and have to repeat the process. The only way around this is to prepare as much as possible with the help of intensive driving courses before you book your driving test. Here are three tips to help with your preparation for your driving test.

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Drive as much as you can in as many different conditions as possible

Whist there are loads of online simulations you can use to practice, nothing beats actually getting out on the road to fully prepare you. It may be uncomfortable and scary at first, but try driving in every type of weather condition including snow and rain if possible. That way, no matter what the weather on the day of your test; you will be as prepared as possible.

Try to experience as many road situations as possible

No one likes to think of test day being dramatic. The odds are the test will go smoothly, however, there is always the chance that a car door will be opened just as you are approaching, a football will be kicked into the road that you are navigating or a bird will fly in your path. Situations like these can be daunting and require quick action. The more experience you have on the road will increase your awareness and perception so that, should something like this happen on test day, you will be more than capable of reacting quickly and safely.

Try not to rely on automation

Parking assistance and cruise control can be extremely useful, except on test day. In order to pass your driving test, you must be able to prove that you can drive successfully without relying on automation like these. We would recommend not using these at all until you have passed your driving test so that you can perform to the best of your ability come test day.