Las Vegas: Motorcycling in the Red Rock Loop and Mount Charleston

When you first think of Las Vegas, the first thing that comes to your mind won’t be motorcycling, it will be the vast colours of neon lights, beautiful hotels, theatres, tourist attractions, retail shops, bars, clubs, and the numerous casinos.

However, most people don’t know this, but Las Vegas is a fantastic way to get some speed, this place has some of the best motorcycle routes in America and we look at the best route possible, therefore, do something different and experience something unique while staying in Vegas.

Visiting Red Rock Loop and Mount Charleston as a Motorcyclists 

Although both Red Rock Canyon and Mount Charleston are open all year, we recommend visiting during the cooler months of Spring and Autumn. You can expect sunny, mild weather without the sweltering heat of July.

These seasons give bright skies with little possibility of precipitation in Red Rock, while there may be some ice left over on some hikes in the spring. Even in the height of summer, Mount Charleston has milder temperatures, with average high of 70s Fahrenheit (25 C).

There are numerous nature trails along the way, as well as a nice winding road. The desert has various severe bends and curves, making it a popular destination for passionate motorcycle riders.

Food Arrangements on your travels 

There are a few restaurants in Red Rock Canyon, but we highly suggest that you bring a pack lunch for the day just in case. Mount Charleston is a small island but there are more variety within the island when it comes to food, the Mount Charleston Lodge Restaurant and the Mount Charleston Resort Dining Room are two of Mount Charleston’s eateries. We recommend visiting nearby Vegas for a greater range of options.

Hospitality options at Red Rock Loop and Mount Charleston

You can only camp in Red Rock Canyon Nature Conservation area, therefore there is no lodging options. However, you must note that the campground closes from May 30th to September 1st each year because the weather is soaring in the location during this period.

Mt. Charleston, on the other hand, has a limited but pleasant array of accommodation options. The Mount Charleston Lodge, which stands at a breath-taking height of almost 2133 metres, offers woodsy hospitality with a true outdoorsy experience. There are 24 cottages there, each with a stunning view, an outdoor terrace, and a fireplace. There is also a restaurant on the premises.